Welcome to Hormel Foods Australia

Hormel Foods Australia – bringing product innovation ‘down under’

Hormel Foods International Corporation (HFIC) has been operating in Australia and New Zealand for almost 40 years and more recently as the wholly-owned subsidiary company Hormel Foods Australia (HFA). Now one of HFIC’s top performing divisions, HFA is emulating its parent company’s success and is renowned for its strong position in the grocery and foodservice markets. It supplies products to a large region apart from Australia including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji, among others.

Following the introduction of SPAM® branded products to Australia in 1969 the iconic canned meat is still the company’s #1 seller. Continuous product innovation has seen the introduction of a number of new products across the canned and convenience food categories such as Hormel® Luncheon Meat, Stagg® Chili, HORMEL™ COMPLEATS™ Microwave Meals, Hormel® Kid’s Kitchen® Microwave Meals and Hormel’s bacon topping range.

With a strong customer service ethos and the support of a world-renowned parent company HFA has everything to offer: strong brands, excellent quality products, a value-added differentiated range and continual innovation.

Hormel Foods Corporation – A Strong Leader

A strong, successful history and a reputation for quality, innovative products are the cornerstones of Hormel Foods Corporation’s (HFC) success in the USA and across the globe. Based in Austin, Minnesota HFC is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded food and meat products, many of which are among the best known and trusted in the food industry.

With a history spanning over 116 years Hormel brings to the table products highly regarded for their taste, nutrition, convenience and value. Servicing the consumer, retail, food service and industrial sectors, HFC employs close to 16,000 people. As a publicly listed company with over $US 6 billion in turnover, HFC has been listed as a Fortune 500 Company for the last 50 years, cementing its position as an undisputed leader in the food industry. For the past nine years, it has also been listed as one of “The Best Big Companies in America” by Forbes magazine. HFC enjoys a strong reputation as a stable, diverse company that can be trusted to provide ideas that truly deliver.

Hormel Foods International Corporation – Taking Food Innovation Global

As a subsidiary of HFC, HFIC has expanded its operations over the past few decades establishing a presence and demand for its products in over 40 countries. Achieved through wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and license agreements HFIC exports millions of dollars worth of products across the globe, as well as producing in-country where applicable and practical.

Hormel Foods Mission

“Originate, don’t imitate” is the essence of the Hormel business which has been the driving force behind the company for more than 100 years. Across the globe the company aims to provide the best products by becoming part of every eating occasion.

In every country Hormel strives to achieve the following mission:

Hormel Foods is a leading branded food company with a focus on profitable growth. Inspired by our founder’s charge to “originate, don’t imitate”, we market a balanced portfolio of highly differentiated quality products. We engage our employees by creating an environment where careers are fostered, people make a difference and integrity is absolute.