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For more than 120 years, Hormel Foods in the US has made its name producing products that bring more to the table—more quality and taste to your eating experience.

Our long history of great tasting, affordable meat started with our founder, George A. Hormel, and continues to this day.

We have brought innovation to new products and our focus continues to be to offer quality products with distinct points of difference that distinguish us from others in the industry.

Using our values statement, Our Way, we focus on five areas in our efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen: people, products, process, performance and philanthropy.

Please explore our site to learn more about Hormel Foods Australia. For more information on Hormel Foods visit our U.S Website. For menu ideas and meal planning tips visit our Recipes Website.

What's New

STAGG™ Chili is continuing its support of Palm Beach events with its involvement with Christmas by the Sea at Palm Beach Parklands on Monday December 12.

STAGG™ Chili has supported a number of surfing and outdoor events in the Palm Beach area since 2008.

Christmas by the Sea has been developed by ‘Community by the Sea’; a committee made up of influential members of the local community.

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